Dissertation Writing Example — 7

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Customer Preferences

For companies to remain profitable, progressive, and competitive amid tough competitors, they must look for viable strategies to attract customers.  With the wide availability of information for customers to look upon, clients  have  a vast flexibility in making decisions as to whether choose a  certain product or service or not. It is therefore necessary for business and service firms to gain customers’ loyalty for them not to look for other alternatives other than what is provided by a particular servicing company. Williams, (2000) cited that consumer’s choice nowadays are filled with dynamism as test various products and services in many context possible to determine the  quality of service and product rendered to them. He even added that company managers must have their customers’ attributes, and values be understood to be in line with the competition (Ute, 2010).

Research about customers’ experiences has been focused more on their cognitive perceptions and views, which assess various service processes, results, and outcomes.  Holbrook, ( 2006) gave details about the customers’ emotional processes as a description of an experience that is relativistic, interactive and based on preference. This experience includes direct interaction of customers to the employees excluding the physical environment. Moreover, the measuring strategies and methods applied are more centered on the generality of customer experiences without having the essence of variables recognized and distinguished.   The studies provide a wider view on customer service experiences and analyze customers’ priorities (Ute, 2010).

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