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Catering and Healthier Foods

In recent years, catering firms and industries in the United States have experienced tremendous growth and progress. Consumers around the region go for healthy eating habits.  This trend has motivated many caterers to join restaurants and other food contractors to meet the escalating demands and needs for healthy eating. With caterers targeting on wide scope of marketability on various contexts like public and private events,  comprehensive research is still needed whether it has viable means to serve quality and healthy foods to the business market.  In line with this, a test on service concept among the 36 companies’ decision-makers was utilized to evaluate the proposal for local businesses to be served by catering services which specialize on healthy food. The results show the extent of influence of healthy eating movement in the workplaces today. In the totality of the study, respondents are positive to service proposed. Caterers offering healthy food significantly appear to be potentials as business ventures (Geissler, 2010).

Rapidly growing and progressing in the regions of the United States is its catering industry. A boost of 54% with a total of 5 billion dollars revenue from the 10,000 firms is experienced by companies providing catering services in the past 10 years. Such companies include Restaurant Associates, Centerplate, and Wolfgang Puck Catering with no dominant among them as the industry is actually fragmented and individualized.  Compared to previous years, more Americans prefer healthier diets than those provided by fast food chains. According to Mintel’s survey, about 70% of adults in the region of the United States prefer foods which are of value to ones’ health considering every food’s nutritional value as cited by Heller, (2006). It was also pre-empted by the Association of National Restaurants that the education of citizens regarding healthier food preference will typically increase. According to them, 73% of teenagers, and 76 % of adults are already health conscious by preferring healthier diet.  The introduction of casual restaurants with diverse ethnic offerings attribute to the increase of the demands of costumers for healthier food and fast service as cited by Pienta, (2007).                                                       
A recent survey conducted by the National Association of catering Executives in the year 2007 showed that the trend of preferring healthy diet options is widely proliferating throughout the United states with 60% of the respondents agreed to the prevalence of the current trend, and 40% responded to see more of the interest of having healthy eating even in traditional events and situations.  Nonetheless, whether this trend is widely practiced, unhealthy eating habits still thrived even in workplaces. Employees tend to choose unhealthy foods coming from fast-food restaurants to save time for work while not compromising hunger of stomach (Geissler, 2010).

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